Bacon Catnip Toy for Cats - Sizzzling Good Vegan Cat Toy

Bacon Catnip Toy for Cats - Sizzzling Good Vegan Cat Toy

Get your cat some breakfast, stat! Chips Toys' Bacon Catnip Toy for Cats is made with love. We use 100% organic catnip grown right here in Oregon, and this bacon-shaped toy is a vegan delight that will have your kitty meowing for more.

At Chips Toys, we understand the importance of providing high-quality and safe toys for your furry companions. That's why our Bacon Catnip Toy is made from felt, string, catnip, and love, ensuring a fun and engaging playtime experience for your cat. Plus, with its bacon-shaped-yet-fully-Vegan design, you can rest easy knowing that your pet can enjoy their favorite bacon treat, guilt-free.

But why stop at just bacon? We've got something even more exciting for your feline friend. Introducing Sunday's Breakfast Bundle, named after Chips the cat's sister, Sunday. This delightful breakfast set of four catnip toys for cats includes not only the Bacon catnip toy but also a Toast catnip toy, an Egg catnip toy and an Avocado catnip toy. Your cat will have a complete breakfast feast right at their paws!

When it comes to playtime, variety is key. That's why our Bacon Catnip Toy and Sunday's Breakfast Bundle are designed to provide endless entertainment for your cat. The catnip inside the toys will entice your furry friend, keeping them engaged and active. Whether they're pouncing, batting, or simply cuddling up with their new bacon buddy, your cat is sure to have a blast.

At Chips Toys, we offering a wide range of high-quality catnip cat toys. Our collection is designed to cater to every cat's unique preferences, ensuring hours of fun and play. From bacon to avocados, we've got it all!

Ready to treat your cat? Shop our full collection of catnip cat toys. Contact Chips Toys today and let us help you find the perfect toy for your furry friend. Happy playing!

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