Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Providing your indoor cat with the right toys is essential for keeping them stimulated and entertained. Here are some of the best cat toys for feline friends who spend most of their time inside. Our "Best Of" list includes handmade felt catnip toys from Chips Toys, DIY toys you can create, plus tried-and-true store-bought toys sure to enrich your indoor kitty's life.

Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy with These Cat Toys

Handmade Felt Catnip Toys

Chips Toy Store offers creative felt catnip cat toys filled with organic catnip to provide hours of stimulation for your indoor cat.

Toys like the Deep Dish Pizza cat toy allow your cat to mimic hunting, as they go on a hunt for the prefect refreshing beverage to go with the slice.

The Bloody Knife catnip toy caters to their instincts to battle make-believe prey. The toy features a crinkly material, and the aromatic catnip inside encourages natural behaviors in which indoor cats are sometimes deficient.

Sunday's Breakfast Bundle is a perfect treat for cats who love to kick toys around; the Bacon Slice catnip toy is an especially good kicker, according to Sunday, who is Chips Toys' Quality-Control Supervisor.

All of Chips Toys' catnip cat toys bring with them a fun surprise -burst- of catnip whenever the toy is bitten. Of equal importance is that Chips Toys felt catnip toys contain 100% catnip, with no filler. A durable, long-lasting cat toy from Chips Toys will keep your indoor cat coming back for more, again and again.

Homemade Cat Toys

Get creative by crafting your own homemade toys using common household items. Go classic by tying a feather duster to a stick for your cat to pounce on. Crumple aluminum foil into balls for your cat to bat around. These zero-cost toys still provide the stimulation indoor cats crave.

Best Home Made Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Cut empty cardboard boxes into tunnels for Kitty to explore. Make toy mice from old socks stuffed with catnip. By getting crafty, you can incorporate materials, textures, and designs based on yours and your cat's preferences.

Other Recommended Toys

  • Laser pointers stimulate prey drive and increase activity. Start with short sessions to avoid over-stimulation.
  • Puzzle feeders require cats to use their paws and brain to get their food, sending "job well done" signals to their kitty brain.
  • Automated toys like spinning mice keep cats entertained while you're away.
  • Cat trees provide places for felines to climb, scratch and nap in order to allow your indoor cat to express natural behaviors.

In conclusion, a variety of options exist to suit your indoor cat's personality. Felt catnip toys, homemade creations and commercially available toys combine to provide enrichment indoor cats desperately need. Be sure to play with your cat every day, to ensure a healthy and happy life for both of you.

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