Why Do Cats Bring You Toys?

Why Do Cats Bring You Toys?

Meow there, human friend!

My name is Chips, and I am a cat.

I heard you were asking why we cats bring you our toys.

I am the founder of a cat toy shop, and I'm a cat myself, so I feel uniquely qualified to tell you exactly why we cats like to bring you toys.

First off, I'll remind you that we cats are natural-born hunters.

Yes, it is true that you humans feed us well and, technically, I suppose we don't need to hunt prey in order to survive... however, the hunting instinct is still strong in cats.

So, when we cats bring you toys, we're trying to help you to be a better hunter... just like us!

And let's be honest, a cat's body is custom-built for hunting small prey.

Like any skilled hunter, we cats are proud to show off our latest "trophy", and that's exactly what's happening when we bring you our favorite catnip toys.

So remember that when we bring you our favorite cat toys, we're only trying to showing off our hunting skills, in addition to seeking your approval.

After all, we cats see you as part of the "pride" and want to impress you with our hunting prowess.

I can hear you thinking, "But you cats are so independent; why would you need to show off to us humans? Why not just play-hunt by yourself?"

Don't tell anybody this but, the truth is... we cats love playing with you!

When we bring you our favorite cat toy, we're inviting you to engage and bond with us.

It's true that we cats sometimes act like we're "too cool for school", but deep down, we cats are social creatures who crave your attention, and affection.

If we bring you a toy and your reaction seems positive (i.e. you give us lots of love and attention), then we'll remember that and continue bringing you toys in the future.

In conclusion, kind human reader, we cats bring you our favorite cat toys for a variety of reasons, from training you to be better hunters, to bonding with you & seeking your attention.

The next time you find a toy mouse on your pillow, remember that it's a sign of our love and appreciation for you.

And maybe, just maybe, you'll take the hint and just play with us for a while


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