Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys?

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys?

Have you ever had the joyous experience of waking up in the morning to find a fluffy toy mouse at the foot of your bed, courtesy of your beloved feline friend?

Or perhaps you've had the pleasure of stepping on a tiny, squeak toy when stepping out of the shower.

Humans may think it's funny that cats bring us their toys, but just what is a cat trying to communicate when they drop their favorite catnip toy right at our feet?

First, remember that cats have evolved to be skilled hunters. In the wild, a cat would need to hunt and kill prey to survive. All cats have this hunting instinct hardwired into them, despite the fact that domesticated cats rarely have to hunt for their own food.

Your cat likely sees you as being part of their "pride", similar to large group of lions. So when a cat brings you their toy, it's possible they're "training" you to be a better hunter, in order to improve the pride's prowess.

Another reason that cats bring you their toys could be that your cat wants to show off their skills. By bringing you their cat toys, a cat demonstrates its prowess as a hunter. Since you're a member of their "pride", it's only natural that your cat wants to impress you with their hunting abilities.

Cats are regarded as being creatures of habit. If your cat brings you a toy and you react positively (i.e. give them lots of love and attention), it's possible that they'll remember the positive reinforcement. Your positive response to a cat toy gift will encourage your friendly feline to keep bringing you toys in the future.

Finally, bringing you toys could just be your cat's way of trying to bond with you. Cats are social creatures, even though they have a reputation for acting aloof. By sharing their favorite catnip toys with you, your cat is basically inviting you to play and engage with them, which strengthens the bond between you both.

To conclude, there are a variety of reasons why your cat may be bringing you their toys. From bragging about their hunting skills, to seeking your attention and affection, it's clear that these furry creatures have their own unique ways of expressing love.

So the next time you find an unexpected felt cat toy on your pillow, don't be annoyed - take it as a sign of your cat's love and appreciation for you!

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