Chips Toys Booth - Spotted In The Wild!

Chips Toys Booth - Spotted In The Wild!

Chips Toys visits many events throughout the year, including craft fairs, cat expos, and local community street fairs. Each venue requires different approaches, and what follows is just a little preview of what you can expect when you see Chips Toys, out "in the wild".

Pop-Cats Booth - San Diego, California

This booth shows a ton of favorite cat toys, include the summer-time favorite "Bomb Pop" Ice Cream Novelty, and the full Summer Backyard Cookout package with a Hot Dog, a Red Cat-Sup Bottle, and a 40oz Cat Tall Boy Beverage toy.

Chips Toys at PopCats San Diego
San Diego's Pop Cats event is super fun because the venue is located right on the waterfront, which means cool breezes and good sunlight all day.

Pop-Cats Booth - Chicago, Illinois

This booth is from PopCats in Chicago, which was fun because it was indoors and warm, but outside I could see falling snow. There were a lot of Chicago-Style Pizza Slice toys sold at this Chicago Pop Cats Expo.

Chicago's Pop Cats had more clouds outside than San Diego's, but inside, the event was full of happy cat friends.

Crafty Wonderland Expo Booth - Portland, Oregon

This third booth is displaying Chips Toys' "Valentines Day" series of toys from the Crafty Wonderland Expo in Portland, Oregon. Lots of Heart-Shaped Catnip Toys and the Bloody Knife Catnip Toys were also a huge hit, as they usually are.

There is a lot of pink on this table, which is mostly because it was a January Event, and Valentines Day was approaching.

Expo Booth - Portland, Oregon

This booth is one of my first I'd ever set up, and it's fun to see the ways in which the Chips Toys booths have stayed the same, and how they're evolving.

I like the rainbow streamers in the background; next time, maybe I'll bring a little fan to blow the ribbons round.

Sidewalk Chalk Expo - Puppernickel Bakery

The outdoor booth setup is smaller than normal, because its part of a sidewalk street fair outisde Puppernickel Bakery. It was a great opportunity to display all the new Fruit Shaped catnip cat toys in the three-tiered basket.

It was a lot of fun to see how many cat-toys I could put on a single half-size card-table.

Welcome Market - Portland, Oregon

This final booth is my most recent event, and it was a lot of fun. I was glad to be amongst so many craftspeople and I also took home a few new things for myself from this event.

There was a great selection of catnip cat toys on display, and the Mystery Grab Bags were a big seller, since they were priced at just $5!

So, now you've seen all the various ways in which the Chips Toys booth can be configured. Next time you're at a cat convention or a craft fair, keep am eye out for Chips Toys special brand of fun. :)

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