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A pickle slice with catnip and silver vine

A pickle slice with catnip and silver vine

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This is my first item I have made that includes silver vine as well as catnip. Not all cats react to catnip, if your cat is one of those who don't, give this blend a try! 

A quote from the maker of this particular blend of silver vine:

Silver Vine or Silvervine (Actinidia polygama) is a non-toxic plant that is safe for cats that grows mostly in the high mountains of Asia. It is a vine that is in the Kiwi Family. It is also known as matatabi. It is known as the catnip of Asia.

It has the same safe effect as catnip on cats, just more intense! It may also work with kitties that do not react to catnip.

All these pickle slices are cut free-form by me so there are slight size and shape variations, but the average size is 3.5 to 4 inches around. 

Everything is conceptualized and made by me 100%. Felt is acrylic (vegan) and herbs are all organic and local to the Pacific Northwest. 

I also sell the catnip and the catnip/silver vine blend loose in baggies. 


Acrylic felt

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Items ship within 3 business days, USPS First Class with tracking.


Care Instructions

My toys are machine washable but will lose their potency, so I recommend spot cleaning only with a little mild soap and water when needed.

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