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A frozen banana catnip cat toy

A frozen banana catnip cat toy

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It's one banana, how much could it cost? Ten dollars? 

All items conceptualized and created 100% by me. Sprinkle colors will vary.

Every item is hand made, acrylic felt filled with organic catnip. I make these items at my home in Portland, Oregon, often accompanied by my cat, Chips. Cats love the texture of this felt, it is easy to grasp onto and carry it from room to room, also perfect for hiding under the couch or fridge!
10% of sales go to various cat organizations around the country to help cats in need. Since Chips Toys started in 2019, we have donated thousands of dollars, none of which would have been possible without your purchases.

The catnip I use is very potent and long lasting. This is what the farm it comes from has to say about it:

A very potent mixture of the leaves and flowers of the catnip plant, with a small amount of stems. Look for the little flowers (bell shaped) in the mix! Each Pistil (Bell) is the catnip plant natural envelope where most of the essential oil is stored! The secret for cat toys is that if they are filled with leaf and flower, each bells stay intact, until a cat decides to bite the toy! At that point, the bell is crushed, and release a full blast of essential oil. That is why a cat will come back and back again to an old toy, because not all bells have been opened! In short, the more bells in the mix, the more potent and long lasting the catnip!


Acrylic felt

Shipping & Returns

Items ship within 3 business days, USPS First Class with tracking.


Care Instructions

My toys are machine washable but will lose their potency, so I recommend spot cleaning only with a little mild soap and water when needed.

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